Another Way Ministry of Transportation ‘Special’ Driver’s License Tests Harming Seniors

When people hear of someone losing their driver’s license, they rarely think of the catastrophic effect this loss of mobility and independence would have on the victim’s health.

The health effects are the same whether the driver’s license was given up voluntarily or the result of age-discrimination by provincial governments.

Obviously the Minister of Transportation of Ontario  could not care less, since it seems the health effects of his policies have not taken this into consideration.  No doubt the mental health (illness) industry is excited at the prospect of having more victims to drug with psychiatric medication for ‘mental illnesses’ caused by MOT’s unjustified ‘special’ senior testing.

In a great Detroit News article by Tom Greenwood, he explains the facts around how driving is a KEY component of good health…not just in seniors, but in all drivers.

Says Greenwood:  “The bottom line shows that older adults who stopped driving are twice as likely to suffer from depression and are nearly five times as likely to enter a long-term care facility compared with seniors who remain behind the wheel.”  

How does ensuring that Serco (who now ‘own’ our driver’s licenses) can make huge profits targeting safe and innocent senior drivers with discredited ‘memory’ and driving tests that no others are subjected to, possibly benefit society?  It doesn’t…it benefits big multi-nationals like Serco and drug companies.

For those of us who have aging parents who we might feel should be off the road at our discretion, consider that we might be sentencing them to early disability and death….for no legitimate reason except that the MOT is working for Serco;’s benefit, and not the people of Ontario.  

Ditto for Alberta and BC, where the MOT actions are truly tragic… Elder Driver Advocates of Alberta have been fighting this for several years.

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