Senior Drivers and DriveABLE: The 5-steps To Riches

Want to get rich quick? For those Canadians wishing to get wealthy, follow this template below.  It works especially well for couples:

Step One:               Find a vulnerable segment of the population who are not likely to stand up for themselves, and who have learned to live with the negative perceptions the public has of them.     

                                Best segment these days:  Senior drivers, where the myth is, “at their age, they are all unsafe drivers and most have dementia”. 

Ignore the statistics to the contrary…the seniors affected and the government will ignore them too.   Look, this is a great group to target…they just go along with whatever the government says…with this group, you can count on very little backlash.

Step Two:               One partner formulates a faulty dementia test (with 50% failure rate) designed to fail, while the other partner establishes a Driving School, to test those that fail the faulty dementia test. Ignore the mounds of research showing the test is faulty and the fact that it will likely be discredited by legitimate researchers…Step Four will teach you how to work around that little detail.

                                    It is important to make the dementia test as humiliating as possible; this puts senior drivers in their place right off the bat and they are likely to just go along with it all thereafter.

Step Three:             Convince the Provincial Government to accept your flawed programs and to appoint you as a consultant to the Department of Transportation, where you get to determine what punitive tests Senior Drivers must take from your partner’s driving school–after they fail your dementia test of course.  

This must all roll out at the senior driver’s expense of course, or the taxpayers if you can also make that work. 

Your partner’s driving assessment business decides how many fail that driving test too.  You keep this routine up as long as the senior will keep paying for new testing.      

The beauty of all this is that rarely will anyone ask how one minute they can be found so demented, but if they take the test enough times, they can be found sane! 

I guess you might say that if senior drivers would put up with this routine (aka extortion scheme) they must be somewhat demented; after all, no sane people would put up with this in a free society that claims to have human rights laws.

Anyway, don’t worry about it if there is a little flack coming from this group…most are asleep anyway. 

Step Four:               Convince medical doctors to give the faulty and discredited dementia test to senior drivers, secretly if they have to.  It might take some real effort to convince some of the more ethical medical doctors to get them to violate the Health Care Consent legislation in their province, but if you are well connected enough, you can do it.

Step Five:               Now this step helps you really capitalize on all your hard work! 

Once senior drivers lose their driver’s licenses, they need help to adapt and learn to cope with sudden immobility, don’t they?  Here’s where you and your partner come rushing in to ‘help’. 

Offer a course, paid by the Provincial Health Department, to teach the seniors who lost  their driver’s licenses how to cope with immobility!  Ignore the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about in the course…’fake it until you make it’, as they say.

This makes failing as many as possible even more lucrative, doesn’t it?  Surely even newbies to the business of scamming seniors can see how all this pulls together nicely. 

Oh no!  There is already such a business, and it is doing REALLY well, just as I predicted.

Although not Medical Doctors, Bonnie Dobbs, the author of the Simard, MD dementia test, (tweaked and given different names in other provinces) with 50% failure rate by her own admission, and her husband Allen Dobbs, opened DriveABLE driver testing school and together have done just as I suggested above.  What a business model!   Just as I predicted, the model works beautifully….they are getting really rich and there is an endless supply of willing victims.

And Bonnie Dobbs is even creating a course to help all the poor souls victimized by her scheme, while the Ministries of Transportation in the affected provinces simply turn a blind eye to the discrimination.  In fact, when some seniors who fight back, pretty much alone, demand answers from the provincial ministers of transportation, they get brushed off pretty fast. 

Unelected bureaucrats behind this scheme in Ontario told at least one senior who showed him how his statistical claims were a bunch of fabrications and misrepresentations–and who provided him with the true statistics—to buzz off, he was tired of her nagging him and that he considered the file closed!

And now the Truth::

  • Senior drivers are the safest on the roads; ( see the link on the website with the statistics)
  • Seniors have less mental impairment than any other age group. Seniors 65 years and above, have 14.9 % of all mental impairment, while those under the age of 65 years have 85.1% of all mental impairment in Canada. See The Canadian Alzheimer’s Society Statistics, and the Kim Institute on Mental Illness.
  • There is no test in existence that can detect dementia with accuracy, and there is only one way to determine a person’s ability to drive, and that is by road testing.
  • Some 8,000 senior drivers, just because of their age, were reportedly victimized in Alberta alone and have lost their driver’s licenses.

But don’t let the truth stand between you and your opportunity to get rich!

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