Senior Drivers: Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t!

Why are so many resources of the Provinces and the Federal Government being wasted on discrimination of senior drivers, when they admit that this cannot be justified?

Now we have a federal, taxpayer-funded project claiming that senior drivers are the safest on the roads, but still, they are looking for a new tool to test them!

Why is Candrive looking for a new tool (cognitive or otherwise) to test senior drivers’ memories and cognitive function, when they are the safest on the roads, by any standard, and are self regulating.  This is a gross waste of time and money, considering that the most dangerous drivers on the road are those between the ages of 18-54 years.

In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen dated June 8th, 2015 and entitled ‘Research Project Aims to Help Keep Older Drivers on the Road‘,  Candrive spokesperson Sylvain Gagnon,  confirms yet again, that senior drivers are the safest drivers, and all major statistics confirm this, year-after-year.

Candrive is a federally sponsored 5-year study of senior drivers, but many  wonder why it is focussed on senior drivers, when it is known,  that it is the 18-54 year old drivers that are causing all of the accidents, and there are no special testings for them.  Many medications cause cognitive and memory issues, yet there are no efforts to address these quite unsafe medical situations in all age groups.

Seniors can’t win; they are discriminated by the Provinces, who falsely accuse seniors of having the most accidents, then discriminated by the Federal sponsored project, for having the least accidents.

Notwithstanding that Premier Wynne, as recently as June 16, 2015, in mainstream media, claimed that her government will not support any discrimination on the basis of race, color, or age, and yet, we see the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta and B.C. continuing to discriminate against  senior drivers, through the requirement for special testing based on age.  The Premiers of these provinces continue to perpetuate the myth that senior drivers cause more accidents than any other age group, when in fact, it is the exact opposite, as stated by the Federally sponsored project , Candrive.

One February 2015 study by the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, studied senior drivers over a 6-year period.  Those  findings concluded that although more seniors obtained drivers licences during this test period, with each annual test during the study period, the participants had improved more than any other age group of drivers.  The study’s  final conclusion was, ‘ We were wrong in thinking that with an ageing driving population there would be more accidents. In fact, seniors are the safest on the roads‘.

Lest you believe the myth that seniors become mentally impaired with Alzheimers disease because of age, the Canadian Alzheimers Society’s website states ‘In Canada we have 747,000 people impaired by one form of mental illness or other, including dementia and Alzheimers disease.  Of these, 14.9 % are over 65 years of age, while 85.1% are under 65 years of age‘.  These findings are reconfirmed by the Kim Foundation on Mental Health, who do Canadian and American studies.

Retired RCMP Sgt. Ed Rockburne has been researching this travesty of democracy for 3 years.  His many statistical findings can be seen here.

Recently Rockburne wrote an excellent letter to the researchers of the Candrive study.  He clearly expresses his concern that Candrive’s efforts to come up with something new will result in the designing of yet another faulty test, like the Simard, MD and the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and declare it better than those already discredited.

Rockburne is concerned that if the federal study claims researchers have a ‘new testing tool’ the Provinces will implement this discriminatory practice against all senior drivers in Canada.  This would then create one of the greatest travesties of justice executed against any segment of our population in history by their own Governments .

Rockburne claims that if the government is serious about making our roads safer, they need to test those that cause the accidents and carnage by using the only true test of driving — a road test conducted by trained Government employees.  It is not appropriate, that something as important to one’s well being and health, is decided by a private firm owned by a man and wife, using tests designed to fail,  are making millions unfairly, while simultaneously acting as consultants for the Provinces.

Where are those advocates of Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Elder Abuse?

Sign MPP Randy Hillier’s petition.

Contribute to the Stop Elder Driver Abuse legal fund designed to start fighting back in the Courts against discrimination of those who are guaranteed innocent until proven guilty by the Constitution.