MacLennan vs. MOT Ontario

The Minister of Ontario used taxpayer money to undermine the constitutional rights of older Canadians…this is as sick, as sick gets.  Why do we put up with this!  These sorts of attacks by the Wynne government on our basic human and constitutional rights costs us countless hours of unnecessary angst and work and thousands of dollars to fight…why?

Is this Liberal government set on a complete dictatorship…removing private property rights, drivers licenses, health care choices….what’s next?

Ken’s ordeal started at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, an administrative ‘court’ that many people say is hopelessly out of touch with it’s original raison d’etre, where the Tribunal upheld the discriminatory practices of MOT!  It gave no reason for going-along-to-get along with the MOT bureaucracy.  The MacLennan vs. MOT Ontario Decision was a sham considering that the situation regarding the use of scientifically discredited driver memory testing is clearly discriminatory since senior drivers are the safest drivers…and that has been scientifically proven.

Ken MacLennan took the matter to the Ontario Appeal’s Court which dismissed his application without giving reasons.  What is the point of having a court system if politics can play such a role in what’s left of our justice system?

Not a quitter, he continued on up the chain of ‘courts’ and now Ken MacLennan has won the right to appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada.  The MOT has used your taxpayer money to force him to take this matter to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Supreme Court of Canada acknowledged Ken’s Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal the decision of the Ontario Appeal’s Court dismissing his application without reasons.  If leave is granted Ken will provide his argument before the SCC as to why s. 16(a) of O Reg. 340/94 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act is a violation of s. 15 (1) of the Charter’s Equality Rights without age discrimination in renewal of one’s driver’s license.

Folks, the courts are supposed to be there to ensure that all Canadians are protected from this simultaneous tax grab by the provincial government and the profiteering of the Dobbs couple and their DriveABLE driver testing company.  They are not doing so as we can see.