Grismer Wins in SCC -Drivers License

March 2015:   BC Supreme Court Decision favors Terry Grismer stating that drivers licenses are about driving ability, NOT medical, health, age or anything else.  Europe, Australia and many other places have seen this already and hold that any drivers license testing on the basis of age is discriminatory.  Read all about it here… Terry Grismer Wins!

The Grismer Supreme court decision remains very important. They stated that there are no perfect drivers and that licensing decisions must be made according to a person’s ability to drive, not according to a diagnosis. That doesn’t protect seniors from discrimination, but it should protect them from inaccurate testing.  BC Human Rights paid the cost of taking that to the Supreme Court.

Don’t forget to contribute:  we are building a Legal Defense Fund to fight back for seniors targeted by these special ‘tests’.  The fund will pay the defense costs, with no additional cost to the senior.  This scheme depends on seniors just putting up with this!  Don’t ever put up with tyranny.