Senior Driver Testing: time for court action against ongoing fraudulent driver testing scheme

Almost three years ago I began  gathering statistical evidence to prove that the Province of Ontario had introduced discriminatory special driver testing of senior drivers under false pretences.

The Province introduced this legislation by inferring that Senior Drivers have more accidents than any other drivers and therefore constitute a traffic risk, while knowing this to be untrue.  The government’s own statistics have indicated, year after year, that senior drivers have fewer accidents than any other age group, and as they age, have fewer still.

Senior drivers are the safest drivers on the roads and have been catalogued for years as such in Canada , the United States, Europe and Australia.  The Federal government sponsored Candrive Research Team that is finalizing a five-year study of senior drivers.  It has publically stated, more than once, that senior drivers are the safest drivers on the roads.

All of our evidence has been circulated widely, including to the Premiers and the Transport Ministers of three violating Provinces, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.  None have refuted the evidence against them, but none of them have reversed their discriminatory legislation.

Having introduced this discriminatory legislation under false pretences makes this law against the seniors illegal.  To correct this miscarriage of justice, Court action is required now.

We at Stop Elder Driver Abuse have been trying to obtain donations to take Court action. However, at the rate of donations, no immediate plans can be undertaken.  Meanwhile, senior drivers in Ontario have suffered the loss of their driving licence, heavy testing fees for faulty tests, emotional stress, inconvenience and health, all unfairly.

We have reached the point where one or more of the senior drivers who have been victimized, must step up and recover their licence, money and dignity by laying Criminal Charges under Section 718.2.a of the Criminal Code of Canada, against the Province for elder abuse.

The Province of Ontario has introduced special testing of senior drivers under the false pretence that ‘Senior Drivers have more accidents than any other drivers and therefore constitute a traffic risk’, while knowing this to be untrue.  It has violated Section 718.2.a of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Laying charges under the Criminal Code by a Citizen of Canada is a right, because this is a Crime against the State, the same as if someone had robbed a bank–and it is the responsibility of the State to Prosecute such Crimes.

To lay a charge under the Criminal Code, all a Canadian Citizen has to do is to attend the local Police Station or Court House, swear the information is true, and provide the evidence that it has occurred.

There are no fees for this service, and if you should be denied your right, I recommend that you engage a prominent Criminal Lawyer.  Legal fees may be recovered through the Court.

All the evidence needed is located on our website at Statistics.  No more evidence than that is needed.

What is needed now is Court action, or prepare yourself for more abuse to follow, as the Province tightens driver testing, as was their original plan.  Bonnie Dobbs, the advocate of the Dementia test for seniors, still sits on the Provincial Committee’s advising the Province what should be done to you, while her husband Allen Dobbs, owner of DriveABLE, reaps the rewards by testing seniors with their faulty tests at $700.00 each.

The Province has signed a ten-year contract with another for-profit testing company, called Serco, which is International in scope, and is being investigated for corruption.  Serco has already mandated that it’s testers must fail at least 20% of the people. This is the profit motive, and they will not listen to any complaints just as Hydro Ontario refuses to act properly on complaints.

The Information and the vehicle for justice is there to correct this fraud against seniors, let’s use it.

Sincerely, Ed. Rockburne,RCMP, Sgt. Retired.

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