Senior Driver OK to Drive Says Doctor–MOT Officials Refuse to Listen, Deprive Man of Liberties

Scam taking Driver's Licenses away from senior drivers!This is an excellent article on how senior drivers are unjustly targeted and harmed.  It’s found in the Ottawa Citizen, in their Public Citizen Section.


Hugh Adami is a journalist who listens to people who have something to cripe about.  So if you have been discriminated against because you are a senior driver, and subjected to humiliating and discredited dementia testing and/or ‘special’ drivers tests, then contact Hugh with your story at:

Stewart Boston’s driving record is impeccable: Not one accident in 57 years … so obviously he is a safe driver, even if he chooses not to drive drunk and even if he ensures he doesn’t drive 50 km over the speed as is the norm these days.  It seems that those who break the law are better treated than those who are statistically the safest drivers of any group…seniors.

Given what his eye doctors say, Boston legitimately feels it is unnecessary and discriminatory for him to be subjected to ‘special’ testing that other drivers (including the ones in the most dangerous of driving groups, 18-50) are not subjected to.

Senior Drivers, are you fed up with this Provincial Government eroding your personal liberties, harassing you with all sorts of ‘regulations’ that do nothing but force you into a sedentary lifestyle and restricted mobility for no good reason?  

Fed up with ‘friends and family’ reporting you to your doctor, who then secretly ‘tests’ you? Worse, also often sending the information to the Minister of Transportation?

Senior Drivers Unite!!!  Join us in fighting back against this dictatorial government:

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  • Write to your MPP…better still, visit him/her and bring lots of senior friends.
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  • BE SURE TO TAKE A WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT WITH YOU TO EVERY DOCTOR OR SPECIALIST VISIT.  You have the right to refuse to be treated like this.  See an example of a Withdrawal of Consent in the side-bar under the Donate button.  Customize it to your needs.