Good at Clock Drawing and Letter Cancellation Tests???   You better be – your Driver’s License depends on these skills! 

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Every senior  driver in Canada is under attack…not for being dangerous, but for being the SAFEST DRIVING GROUP.  You read that right!   Seniors are proven the SAFEST DRIVING GROUP in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and the UK.  Canadian courts may be seeing the scam — one court has already stated:  driver’s licenses are about driving ability NOT art work or medical condition.


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Right now, what is likely to go down in history as the most vile scam against seniors, ever, has been installed in BC, Alberta and Ontario.  In Alberta alone, some 8,000 innocent seniors have been caught up in what many call an ‘extortion’ racket of profound proportions, negatively affecting every area of their lives.

Scam taking Driver's Licenses away from senior drivers!




The very people whose hard work, taxes and sacrifices built this country are now targeted in ways that violate our Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and even meet the Criminal Code definitions of False Pretense.

 Inquires made to the Legislative Library in Toronto, revealed “ All of the mini studies (pilot projects) were undertaken by the ministry after the discriminating legislation was passed”.  In other words, this discriminatory legislation against the elderly drivers of Ontario, was passed on a purely discriminatory basis.   Check out the Statistics to see how every other statistic shows the Ministry engaged in massive abuse of citizens.


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By now you know that when someone wants to bilk you out of your money, home, investments and/or when the government claims you ‘need protection’ when you do not, there is sure to be a tax grab at the root and  you are looking at a scam directed at you. 

But this time,  this travesty was engineered by a man-wife couple named Bonnie and Allan Dobbs.  She created a most bizarre ‘memory’ test that is guaranteed to fail seniors who are often subjected to the humiliating test without their knowledge by their doctors.  Worse, while she sits on Board of the DriveABLE testing company, Bonnie Dobbs also sits on the Advisory Committees deciding testing policy…surely a gross conflict of interest

When the senior fails, they are subjected to her husband’s DriveABLE test which again is humiliating, discriminatory and costs the senior hundreds of dollars.  It is a huge money grab, because as long as the senior can keep paying the fee, the likelihood he/she will get their driver’s license back increases.

The Ministers of Justice and the provincial Ministers of Transportation are treating complaints as though seniors were silly children! They refuse to acknowledge that their own statistics show this scam to be just that, a scam set up under false pretenses to enrich the Dobbs enterprise and the Provincial coffers.

  What’s happened?  Click here for a summary.

    Bonnie Dobb’s ‘memory test‘ failed reviews by real experts in ageing, dementia and senior driving.  Here’s her idea of a test…works great for her and her husband as the tests are almost guaranteed to fail them, so they can be forced to pay hundreds of dollars to DriveABLE (husband’s business) for yet another of this couple’s idea of ‘testing’.  If you can’t afford to keep paying for tests or a good lawyer, tough luck, you lose your driver’s license!

   BC Court Decision favors senior Terry Grismer!  Court says driver’s license is about driving ability and nothing else.